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World Peace Industrial Group
Asia's No.1 Electronics Distributor

Established in 1980, World Peace Industrial Group (WPI Group) is Asia’s No.1 Electronics Distributor. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, WPI Group has over 30 sales offices in greater China and Asia Pacific region including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and India forming a solid and complete Asia-Pacific service network.

As a supply channel partner, WPI Group carries over 50 international brand names including Intel, TI, Philips, Vishay, and Hynix. WPI Group offers a comprehensive range of components, spanning semiconductors, interconnect, passive and electronic mechanical components, and computer products, all provided with the convenience of one-stop shopping.

Recognizing the needs of the growing number of international customers extending their operations to the Asia-Pacific region, WPI Group has built up an extensive resource network which provides flexible support services to the industrial supply chain, both vertically and horizontally.

To satisfy customers?needs, the customer segments that WPG Holdings currently serves include China Based Manufacturers (CBM), Taiwan Based Manufacturers (TBM), Hong Kong Based Manufacturers (HBM), Multinational Based Manufacturers (MBM), Japan Based Manufacturers (JBM), HongKong-Based Manufacturers (HBM), Americas-Based Manufacturers (ABM), and India-Based Manufacturers (IBM). To meet the needs of both suppliers and customers, WPI Group has tailored its organization to meet these specific customer segment requirements. To support the increasing customer activities in China, every facet of WPI Group抯 business is being optimized to provide the best, seamless customer and supplier service.

"WPG Holdings Limited?(WPG), as Asia's No. 1 Electronics Distributor, was founded on 09 November 2005 and, on the same day, publicly listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange under TSE code: 3702. WPG, established through the merging of three leading semiconductor distributors in Asia (WPI, SAC, and RichPower), serves as a franchise partner for over 100 world-wide brands. Enhanced by companies?existing domestic and overseas sales network and the combined line cards, WPG Holdings is able to enhance the customers?one-stop shopping experience. At the same time, the economies of scale provided by the merger enable the optimization of both parties?operations. The synergy resulting from WPI Group, SAC Group and RichPower Group, brings WPG Holdings to rank among the top three IC component distributors in the world.

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